For the last few months our team has been working hard on a long-awaited feature – the Platinum plan that brings an ability to create a native mobile application for your stores. Today it is available for Twigmo 3.8 users.

So let’s look closer at it.

The design of the application is similar to the Twigmo mobile front-end. However, it has a slightly different layout – the navigation menu and the footer moved to the side menu.

screen_1_iphone6 screen_2_iphone6

The application has the same color scheme and content as your mobile storefront (powered by Twigmo). In order to see the application look-and-feel, please use the new selector we added to the Twigmo Visual Editor.

VE application mode

All the Twigmo Mobile front-end features are available in the application. It also brings a new feature – push notifications.

There are two types of notifications. The first type is about order status changing. A customer will receive such a notification simultaneously with the e-mail notification. The administrator can turn on/off these notifications on the Twigmo add-on settings page.


The second type is the broadcast notification. The store administrator can send a message to all users of his/her mobile application. The message form is located in the Push notifications tab on the Twigmo add-on settings page.


Creating and uploading mobile applications to the Apple App Store and Google Play is quite a tricky and time-consuming thing. However, we did our best to make it as easy as possible for our clients.

We will publish applications under our developer account. It means that you don’t have to pay for such an account (the iOS Developer Program annual fee is USD 99). Also, you do not need to have such skills as compiling, signing and publishing the application.

To create an application, you will need to provide the following:

  • Application’s name, description, etc.
  • Graphical assets: a hi-res icon, a splash screen, and a banner for Google Play.
  • Screenshots of your application (our service will generate them automatically after you provide the URLs of your store pages).

We will do the rest: build the application and upload it to the Apple App Store and Google Play. These operations take some time, therefore it will cost USD 69 (a one-time fee for the application set-up).

If you would like to see our demo applications in action, please click on the icons below to install them.


As usual, the new version of the add-on includes minor bug fixes. Also, we added a new feature to Visual Editor – an ability to increase the size of the logo. You can find this setting in the new Logo section.

VE logo

Add-on Upgrade

If you are a Twigmo 3.0 or above user, you will receive a notification about the available add-on upgrade in your CS-Cart admin panel. You can start the upgrade from the Twigmo add-on settings page; the rest is done automatically.

You are very welcome to help us improve Twigmo by proposing new features and reporting issues.
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Have a nice day!