Twigmo 2.3: Auto Update, Category Descriptions, and More


A new Twigmo version has been released today.

Version 2.3 contains some new features, including the long-awaited automatic upgrade feature for the Twigmo add-on for CS-Cart. This means that, after you install this new Twigmo add-on, it can be upgraded in a click in the future — no more server-side file manipulations required. The upgrade tool works separately from the default CS-Cart tool and will automatically download the latest Twigmo add-on from our server and replace the old one, keeping all the settings unchanged. All you need to do is run the process.

Apart from that, Twigmo 2.3 introduces:

  • Category description display
  • ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ at checkout
  • Minimum product quantity and order amount support
  • Responsive on-screen notifications — the longer the text, the longer it is displayed

Twigmo 2.3 Features

Numerous other improvements are all listed in the changelog.

You can get the new version and read the installation guide using this link. Luckily, this is the last time you need to do that :-)

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