Twigmo 2.4: New Skin, Language Selector, and More


Today, the Twigmo team has released a new version of the CS-Cart mobility kit.

Twigmo 2.4 includes the first additional skin (we called it Handbag) and language selector:

Product page and Language Selector

The new skin can be selected from the Twigmo add-on settings page (in the CS-Cart admin panel) after upgrading to version 2.4. The look and feel of the new skin is editable separately from the
default one, because it has its own custom CSS file (located in the skins/basic/customer/addons/twigmo directory of a CS-Cart installation).

The added language selector (displayed at the bottom of the mobile site) allows a customer to change the language manually (in most cases, this will not be necessary, because Twigmo detects the client’s mobile browser language automatically). The available languages comes from the desktop version of the online store (powered by CS-Cart).

Another important improvement is the revamped Add to cart scenario, based on client feedback. Instead of the Twigmo standard notification, we now display a pop-up dialog box (see the screenshot below). An effort has been made to make every next step obvious and clear for customers.

Apart from that and some bug fixes, Twigmo 2.4 introduces:

  • Payment instructions displayed on the order details page
  • Discount prices displayed on the category and product details pages
  • Support of additional product tabs (only product, category, and HTML blocks) on the product details page
  • Pop-up notifications disappear either on timeout or by tapping

The full list of changes is available on our site.

Add to Cart Notification, Discounts, and Product Tabs


Twigmo 2.3 users will receive notification about the available upgrade in their CS-Cart admin panels. The upgrade process is fully automatic, but it must be initiated manually on the Upgrade tab of the Twigmo add-on settings page.

In order to upgrade Twigmo manually from version 2.2 or an earlier version, follow the manual upgrade guide.

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Twigmo 2.3: Auto Update, Category Descriptions, and More


A new Twigmo version has been released today.

Version 2.3 contains some new features, including the long-awaited automatic upgrade feature for the Twigmo add-on for CS-Cart. This means that, after you install this new Twigmo add-on, it can be upgraded in a click in the future — no more server-side file manipulations required. The upgrade tool works separately from the default CS-Cart tool and will automatically download the latest Twigmo add-on from our server and replace the old one, keeping all the settings unchanged. All you need to do is run the process.

Apart from that, Twigmo 2.3 introduces:

  • Category description display
  • ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ at checkout
  • Minimum product quantity and order amount support
  • Responsive on-screen notifications — the longer the text, the longer it is displayed

Twigmo 2.3 Features

Numerous other improvements are all listed in the changelog.

You can get the new version and read the installation guide using this link. Luckily, this is the last time you need to do that :-)

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Twigmo 2.2 is up!

Hello everyone,

Twigmo — a mobility kit for the CS-Cart software — has reached version 2.2.

This minor release brings forth a regular pack of optimizations and improvements.

Also, several new features are introduced:

  • Discount coupon and gift certificate support
  • Support of PayPal Express Checkout, Google Checkout and Checkout by Amazon
  • It is now possible to deactivate the geolocation feature
  • Product features tab added to the product details page

Twigmo 2.2 Features

Visit with your iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 device and check out Twigmo mobile skin live.

The new version can be installed manually by this guide.

We love to hear any kind of criticism from you. Let us know what you think about Twigmo by leaving comments below. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us — any feedback is important.

Help us make Twigmo better by submitting bug reports on our bug tracker.

If you need any technical assistance, feel free to contact Twigmo developers via the Help Desk.

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Twigmo 2.1

Hello everybody!

Twigmo Store Home Screen IconWe are happy to introduce to you Twigmo 2.1 — the first minor release of the Twigmo 2.x branch.

Twigmo 2.1 is aimed to fix the bugs discovered in version 2.0 and also introduces the following improvements:

  • JavaScript banner rotator
  • Ability to upload an icon for iOS home screen
  • The latest jQuery Mobile 1.1.1 is now used
  • JavaScript and CSS optimization (file sizes reduced by up to 40%)

Visit with your iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 device to see how the mobile version of your online store can look.

All existing Twigmo users can install the new version manually by following this guide.

Twigmo developers are keen to hear any feedback about Twigmo service — both positive and negative. If you have an improvement idea or just want to express your opinion about the software, feel free to leave comments right below or contact the developers directly via Twitter and Facebook. Technical support is provided via our Customer Help Desk.

Twigmo 2.0

Good day!

Today Twigmo, a mobile-friendly toolkit for online stores, hits version 2.0!

We are very proud to bring you the second major Twigmo release with numerous new features and improvements.

One of the most noticeable things in Twigmo 2.0 is the new revamped user interface. The mobile front-end has been fully rewritten and optimized.
Twigmo 2.0 New Skin
The new version also introduces the following features:

To see the new Twigmo Mobile Front-End in action, visit with your iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 device. Twigmo supports most phones and tablets running these mobile operating systems.


Twigmo 2.0 is included by default in CS-Cart 3.0.2. It also can be installed manually on CS-Cart starting from version 2.1.4 (see the official installation guide).

Activate Twigmo Mobile Front-End in your e-shop to give your customers the best in online shopping!

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Twigmo 1.10: New Skin, E-Goods Support and More

New Twigmo Blue Skin

Today Twigmo team is proud to announce that another version of the CS-Cart mobile commerce kit is released.

Apart from the bug fixes Twigmo 1.10 brings the following new features:

  • Additional mobile front-end skin (and more skins to come!)
  • Full product option support in inventory
  • Downloadable product support

Download and install

The latest version of Twigmo Add-On is included in CS-Cart 2.2.5, which is also released today, and will be included in the upcoming CS-Cart 3.0.2.

You can use this new Twigmo Add-on on previous CS-Cart versions as well — CS-Cart 2.1.4, 2.2.x and 3.0.1 (except Ultimate Edition) are supported. Follow the official guide to download and reinstall the add-on in your CS-Cart installation.

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As always, we are keen to know your suggestions and ideas, as well as bug reports to improve Twigmo.

Twigmo 1.9 Released


Twigmo 1.9

Twigmo mobile kit is evolving and hits another release today.

Twigmo 1.9 contains mostly internal changes, but there are some nice additions that will be noticeable by the users:

  • The latest jQueryMobile 1.1.0 is used now making Twigmo Mobile Front-End work faster and smoother;
  • You can now reset your password via Twigmo Add-on right from your CS-Cart admin panel;
  • It is now possible to force Twigmo to switch between mobile and desktop versions using a special URL parameter no matter what operating system and browser are used;

Download and install

Twigmo Add-on is available to download for CS-Cart 2.1.4 and 2.2.x (older versions are not supported). Follow the official guide to download and reinstall the new version of the add-on in your CS-Cart installation.

Note: After the new files are copied to your CS-Cart installation you should go to the Add-ons page in the admin panel to uninstall and install the Twigmo add-on. It is necessary for the update to be applied.

Twigmo 1.9 will be included in CS-Cart 3 Final by default. It will be supported by CS-Cart 3 Professional, Multi-Vendor and Community editions. CS-Cart Ultimate support is to be added later.

We are happy to answer all your questions about Twigmo right here in the comments and on the official Twigmo Facebook page.

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Twigmo 1.8: Block Manager Support


Twigmo, a set of tools to make CS-Cart more mobility-friendly, has been updated to version 1.8 today.

In addition to multiple bug fixes the new release includes block manager support. Now the home page content of a mobile storefront can be customized via a special tab on the Blocks page in CS-Cart admin panel. Add custom HTML blocks, category and product lists in an easy and clear way to make your mobile storefront home page unique and helpful for your customers!

Twigmo Front-End Customization

Download and install

CS-Cart 2.1.4 and 2.2.x users (the earlier versions are not supported) should download the new Twigmo Add-on and reinstall it in their CS-Cart installations following this guide.

Note: After copying the new add-on files to your CS-Cart installation it is necessary to uninstall and install the Twigmo add-on on the Add-ons page in the CS-Cart admin panel for the update to be applied.

Twigmo Add-on 1.8 is already included in the latest release candidate (RC 6) of the upcoming CS-Cart 3 (and the add-on is missing in the earlier release candidates), so it is not required to download any files manually if you test this CS-Cart version.

If you have any questions regarding Twigmo, installation process, customization, or pricing, do not hesitate to leave comments right under this post or on the official Twigmo Facebook page. We are happy to assist you!

Twigmo has just gotten its own Twitter page, where all the latest news and feature updates will be posted.

Your suggestions and ideas, as well as bug reports are also highly appreciated.

Twigmo 1.7

Twigmo Mobile FrontendHello everyone,

We are happy to present to you a new Twigmo release. The CS-Cart mobility-friendly kit hits 1.7!

The new version includes:

  • Multi-Vendor support
  • Customizing storefront appearance by editing CSS
  • Cleaned up settings list to simplify setup
  • More affordable subscription plans

Apart from that Twigmo 1.7 introduces improved CSS and numerous bug fixes.

Get the New Version

In order to use the new version you should re-install Twigmo.

Download the add-on installation package for CS-Cart 2.2.x or CS-Cart 2.1.4 and follow the installation guide.

As usual, your feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to leave comments here and on the official Twigmo Facebook page, as well as join discussion on our community forum. Also, you are welcome to submit any bugs in the special bug tracker.

You can find the list of scheduled features in the Twigmo roadmap on the official CS-Cart webpage.